Our Company

Coming from the land which has seen some of the finest gems, Color Impex is a world renowned company dealing in precious gems and jewels. Color Impex is a name reckoned in Hong Kong for its lavish gems. 

Established in 2007, Color Impex has evolved as a sought-after manufacture brand and dominates the Hong Kong market share by its intricate gemstone designs. Specializing in Emeralds and Rubies, it is pioneering new paths in the industry with its signature styles and use of traditional techniques. 

Transforming tradition with innovation, Color Impex has produced some distinctive pieces with a modern edge. Bringing legacies of ‘Maharajas’ to your jewel box, Color Impex is pursued by jewellery designers and adorned by celebrities from all over the world. 

Dominating the market with its intricate cuts, beads and layouts, Color Impex creates simple yet unique shapes, forms enveloping structures and crafts immaculate pieces of art. 

Color Impex is revered by HKGCC (The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce) and the Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturer Association. It is also conformed by G.E.M. (Gemfields Partner)  to comply with the ethical sourcing of raw material.

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