Akshit Musal

A man of few words but always intrigued towards finding a challenge, Akshit Musal, has inherited his skills and knowledge for gems from his fore-fathers, gemmology runs in his blood. Coming from a land where art and heritage are valued and passed through generations, Akshit possesses the talent, which complements his learning. His innate talent was polished with professional courses from GIA and training in Luxury & International Business management programme. While based in Hong Kong, he has close eye to near by markets in Asia, Europe, Gulf and U.S.A

With a desire to take his family business a step further, Akshit moved to Hong Kong to take the opportunity. Taking full responsibility of creating a brand and expanding it, Color Impex rose each day under his hands. Within six years of establishing in Hong Kong, Color Impex has become a name synonymous to high quality gems and jewels. At a seemingly young age, his maturity and experience glow on his face.