Our Proficiency

Designing a masterpiece is an art that requires skill and expertise and when it comes to  gems and jewels, its tradition combined with innovation which yields a piece that defines class.


Beauty is found in abundance in nature, what is needed is a skilled eye to find it. The Earth has been blessed enough to have so much to offer us and its supreme  gift to mankind are the gems and jewels, that are not only high in value but possess  its own aura which is said to heal the soul. 

Finding such gems, through ethically is our mission. Being sight holders with Gemfields,  we have always been assured that the gems we procure are of highest standards and have  been mined considering the environment and society. 

With our Emeralds coming mostly from Zambia and our Rubies sourced from Burma, we are  dedicated towards providing our customers with the best in the world. 

Being updated on all the current news in the world of gems helps us be in the frontlines  where we can offer our customers with the finest - in gems and service.